Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday

Reagan was in the church's children worship choir this past Sunday & Saturday and I also helped out. They sang in all 5 services, 2 Saturday night and 3 Sunday morning. They did a spectacular job and Reagan can't wait to do it again next time. The kids practiced for about a month.

Above is a picture I took of Reagan worshiping and 3 very short video's of the kids singing. The last one is the kids playing air guitar during a guitar solo, it was during the last performance and the kids had permission to also play air drums, it was fun for the kids.

In this very short video you can also hear my friend Kandi singing in the background from Grins & Giggles.


Jennifer said...

Wow, that is seriously one of the most precious, authentic, beautiful pictures I've ever seen. I love it. Seriously, it just about brings tears to my eyes. God bless your baby girl!

Christy said...

Oh thanks Jen!! She is my little worshiper and evangelist too!