Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trigger happy

I have no follicles on the left ovary that are mature size, nothing even above 10mm. On my right ovary I have 2 follicles that are 24mm & 23mm and 2 follicles that are 15mm & 16mm. 16mm is the earliest size they consider mature, but they really like it to be 18mm.

I just gave myself the trigger shot and now we get busy and wait 2 weeks, also known in the infertility world as the 2ww.

Lincoln has his first karate class tonight, should be fun, I will write a proper post soon on more of my thoughts.

I have incredible peace that God has given me.
Thank you Jesus!!


Shakes McGee said...

Yay for peace. May God give all you need.

Christy said...

Thanks Jen :)