Monday, March 1, 2010

What a ride

Well, on Sunday morning I had difficulty breathing and Tim called 911. The fire department was here within 3 minutes and soon I was in a fancy red ambulance . They were all very nice and soon I was feeling better and undergoing a bunch of tests. The ER doc thinks I had a virus because my neutrophils were at 80% when they are normally around 60%. But they could be high because on Saturday they gave me Decadron which is a steroid and that can cause the neutrophils to rise. I see my doctor today at 3:30pm and I'm sure he will refer me an allergist.

I was supposed to see my RE doctor today but canceled and will see her in the next couple of weeks.

My friend Jenny said that when she was 20 years old she suddenly became allergic to tomatoes and that also could happen with raw eggs. I think it might be either, I really hope its not the tomatoes, I can live with out raw egg whites, but fresh tomatoes would be very sad.

Tim took the day off and we are all taking it easy around here.

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