Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2nd beta and drama unrelated to being pregnant

My 2nd beta is 125, which is more than doubling so that is wonderful. My progesterone level was high at 67, but again that is really good!!
Ultrasound 2 weeks from today at 3pm.....very excited to hopefully see a tiny little blinking heartbeat. The baby is as big as a poppy seed and my tentative due date is December 12th!!

Now the drama.

Last night Reagan unknowingly had my real Epi Pen. She asked me if it was the practice pen, I glanced at it and said yes....even though it was NOT because they are nearly identical. I was in the middle of making dinner and distracted. Then I hear an ouch and she asked for help resetting it. She didn't cry, she just said she must have done it too hard. I look at the pen and quickly realize she gave herself a shot and we called 911. 911 called poison control and we determined that we would drive her to the hospital. She didn't get very much, the ER was a zoo and we left after 2 hours of waiting. She was seen twice by triage and the second time her stats had all improved. She is fine, I laugh about it now, Tim does not.

Second little piece of drama, Ditka ate Lincoln's Easter chocolate including dark chocolate M&M's and a milk chocolate egg. Called vet and administered the hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting....yuck...****sigh**** worked.


Shakes McGee said...

You have had too much excitement, my dear. I am glad you can laugh about it all!

The Nordstrom Family said...

How exciting! I mean the pregnancy not all the other crazy stuff. God bless on this journey. Can't wait to hear more.