Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lincoln has a serious problem***warning poop talk***

He has not pooped in 7 days. Tonight he kind of went but it was not nearly enough. He has been on Miralax for 3 days now. At church I was talking with one of the other mother's who husband is a pharmacists and he told me that I can give Lincoln a glycerin suppository and that should work. She said she has the same problem with their adorable daughter and that she went 10 days one time!! Holy cow people and that girl is not even constipated....just stubborn!

The odd thing about Lincoln is that he is still eating, playing and running around like nothing is wrong. I have been spending too much time with "Dr. Google" and have now heard some pretty interesting terminology that just makes me laugh. The first word I read was "fecal hoarding" which makes me instantly think of those hoarding shows on TV, but it just means constipation. The second term I have encountered is "Digital stimulation", I didn't get what it meant at first and then a minute later it hit me and I about lost it. Digital as in finger digits not digital as in technology. When I told Tim he said,"shouldn't it be called analog stimulation?" That made me giggle pretty good, Tim is always good at making me laugh.
Tomorrow we call the doctor again and see where we go from here. He is still on
Miralax and hopefully he will go and we won't have to do anything too traumatic, but this kid has to poop!!!

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