Monday, May 24, 2010

Alex graduates

Alex graduates

Goodbye Gimley the chinchilla.

No pictures mom. On the way back to Oregon Reagan sat next to me and again she is a great traveler. This Friday we are driving back to Colorado to pick up the mini bike...more on that later.

Lincoln playing computer games with dad on the airplane.

Great trip to Colorado!

Airplane to Colorado.

Airplane to Colorado. most pictures taken by the kids.

Airplane to Colorado continued.

On the way to Colorado Lincoln sat next me, he is a great traveler!

Lincoln listening to his "Jesus music" as he calls it, its just kids worship music.

My nephew Alex graduated from high school and will go to UPS in the fall. We are super excited to have him closer to us. He is a pretty awesome nephew and we are so proud of him!

Monday, May 17, 2010

9 weeks 2 days?

9 weeks 2 days? Today I was a pregnancy model for our local pregnancy crisis center. The ultrasound teacher calculated my due date as Dec. 14th. Which would mean that I'm 9 weeks 6 days. Life is all so truely amazing.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Reagan's head.

Lincoln's hair.

It was a cold night, but at least the kids stayed warm.

Monday, May 10, 2010

It happened again

I had another allergic reaction yesterday morning.
I had breakfast in bed, 2 small cinnamon rolls and a glass of OJ. I had a wonderful morning. Took a shower, got dressed, brushed my teeth and then felt nauseous. I laid down and just thought if I rested I would feel better. I didn't. I went to the bathroom and threw up a small amount. Laid back down and soon my hands started to have pin prick feelings of itchiness. Tim decided not to go to church with the kids and instead got me
benadryl. I had horrible stomach cramping and about 20 minutes after taking the benadryl I threw up everything. The hives on my hands got worse and now it was on my face. Tim loaded up the kids and we went to the ER. There my parents meet us from church and took the kids back to church why we stayed at the hospital. They took me right back and gave me Zofan for the nausea and then benadryl. My hives went away and I went home. I still got to go to our Mother's Day brunch at the fancy restaurant. Today at 3:30pm I have an appointment with my allergist and we will see what she says.
I wish I knew what was causing them, maybe I'm allergic to puking or the acid in my stomach.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reagan was baptized

Reagan has been asking for about 5 months now if she could be baptized. So, I called the church and they put her on a list and about a month ago we got an email about upcoming baptism classes.

When they asked her why she wanted to be baptized she said, "Because I am God's daughter and the Holy Spirit told me to." We couldn't be happier for Reagan and this bold step she took in obeying God.

The woman baptizing Reagan is Christina and she is the pastor of Kindergarten and 1st grade ministries. They had to use a step stool or you wouldn't have been be able to see Reagan at all.

Here are just a few picture's of her getting baptized. My favorite is when she is coming out of the water and she has a huge smile on her face....priceless!!

After church we went to my Mother in laws house and she hosted a brunch. It was a very special time and Reagan received some very special presents. A new bible from Mom & Dad, a bible case from Nana Sue & Papa Kim, a gold cross necklace Nana & Granddad and a gold heart shaped locket with a small diamond on the front from G.G. It looks identical to the locket G.G. gave me when I was baptized so that was extra special for Reagan.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My new widget

Check out my new Toy Story 3 countdown widget right over here --------->
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We love Toy Story and Toy Story 2 and can't wait for Toy Story 3.

Have a great weekend everyone!!