Monday, May 10, 2010

It happened again

I had another allergic reaction yesterday morning.
I had breakfast in bed, 2 small cinnamon rolls and a glass of OJ. I had a wonderful morning. Took a shower, got dressed, brushed my teeth and then felt nauseous. I laid down and just thought if I rested I would feel better. I didn't. I went to the bathroom and threw up a small amount. Laid back down and soon my hands started to have pin prick feelings of itchiness. Tim decided not to go to church with the kids and instead got me
benadryl. I had horrible stomach cramping and about 20 minutes after taking the benadryl I threw up everything. The hives on my hands got worse and now it was on my face. Tim loaded up the kids and we went to the ER. There my parents meet us from church and took the kids back to church why we stayed at the hospital. They took me right back and gave me Zofan for the nausea and then benadryl. My hives went away and I went home. I still got to go to our Mother's Day brunch at the fancy restaurant. Today at 3:30pm I have an appointment with my allergist and we will see what she says.
I wish I knew what was causing them, maybe I'm allergic to puking or the acid in my stomach.

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