Friday, June 11, 2010

Napa Cabbage Salad Recipe

This is one of my favorite summer party or potluck salad. It comes from my mother-in-laws kitchen. Feel free to make it your own. But once you bring it to a party, beware, because everyone will ask you to bring it to their party!!!

Sue's Cabbage Salad

2/3 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Salad/Olive oil
1/2 cup White rice vinegar
TBL Spoons Soy sauce
1 Head
Napa cabbage
1 bunch of Green onions
1 cube of melted Butter
1/2 cup Toasted Sesame seeds
1 cups sliced Almonds
2-3 packages Top
Ramen noodles broken up into small pieces

Sesame seeds
Ramen noodles
Toast in melted Butter until lightly brown in a large sauce pan

Combine liquids and sugar & shake in bottle or jar for the dressing.

Slice cabbage & onions and then combine everything, serve & enjoy.

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