Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our trip to Colorado

I forgot my camera so I only have lame cell phone pictures....sorry.

We we are back from a 6 day road trip to Colorado to pick up a family heirloom from my brother Del and his family since his kids are too big to use it anymore. It is a Honda MR50 Elsinore Mini bike. The bike below is not our bike but it is a good picture of what the bike looks like when its working.Above is our Mini bike as we call it. My parents bought it back in the early 70's and I'm pretty sure it has been stolen and recovered 3 different times....I think that is pretty incredible. I don't know all the stories but God was involved in its return every time.Right now its not running and my Dad has a friend who use to work on Honda motorcycle engines and is going to hopefully fix it. Fully restored my other brother Bill told me its worth $1200.

We had a fun trip getting to Colorado and spent 2 days in the Denver area with my oldest brother Del and his family and my 2 cousins and their families. The kids, myself, my Mom and my Grandma or G.G. as the kids call her all went on the trip.

We went to the Denver Zoo, Water World, ate at Washington Park Grille, and Casa Bonita, lost Grandma's wallet, lost Mom's blue tooth ear piece, Grandma's wallet was recovered at a Dairy Queen after we left and is being mailed and my Dad found Mom's blue tooth in a coat pocket.

Picture taken on the Gorilla statue at the Denver Zoo.

Taken somewhere in Wyoming.

Again taken somewhere in Wyoming.
We drove 1400 miles, watched 20 movies (some twice), while not in Denver we stopped 15 times total (that includes potty stops, gas stops, food stops, and switch driver stops).

We stayed in the Holiday Inn in Denver and they had the most comfortable beds EVER!! On our way back we stayed at World Mark Wolf Creek in Eden, Utah. Tim's Nana has a timeshare and we were able to book a 2 bedroom plus and it was just wonderful!! We just wish we could have enjoyed the area more. The kids now think that is Nana B's vacation home.....we just let them believe it....why not?

Wolf Creek Lodge in Eden, Utah
We were also able to decorate my Granddad's grave, both Granddad Kube and Grandma Goben's grave which I haven't done in 10 years.

We had a great time and the kids are outstanding travelers!!

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