Monday, July 26, 2010

Exciting News!

Lincoln asked Jesus into his heart last Thursday July 22nd!!

I had a bad dream the night before and in this dream the devil was after our hearts. Throwing arrows at us, they hurt but didn't kill us and then Reagan was burned to a crisp right before my eyes and then she arose out of the ashes and told the devil that he couldn't kill her or take her because her heart belonged to Jesus and that God was her protector.

This actually sounds more like a nightmare than a dream I agree. But it also had me thinking and all day I was praying about this dream and what it meant because I felt that it had deeper meaning in my life. I finally came to the conclusion that the devil is always after us but since my heart belongs to Him, I am saved, but the devil can still hurt us.

It got me thinking about Lincoln and his heart. That the devil is after his heart and that maybe it was time again to ask Lincoln if he wanted to ask Jesus in his heart. I have asked him many times before if he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart and every time he would avoid or just say not today Mom. I would respect him and not ask again for a while and when I did was given the same answers. So, last Thursday night I simply asked Lincoln if he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart and he cheerfully said, "Yes, I do!" I was thrilled and called Tim and Reagan into Lincoln's room and we all held hands as Tim helped Lincoln ask Jesus into his heart. It is a special memory that I'm sure we will all remember and that Lincoln has already shared with others around him. He is a different boy already.

That brings me to the second bit of wonderful news, Lincoln has finally pooped on the toilet!! I totally believe that he was able to do this because he did ask Jesus into his heart. Lincoln instantly Praised the Lord after the big event and this little boy is just not so little anymore. Thank you Jesus for the big things and for the little things because its in the little things that sometimes are really the big things!!!


Bex said...

amazing!!!!! this is fantastic!

Shoot me an email this week so we can remember to get him a rose.

Christy said...

We are out of town this weekend and we want Lincoln to be able to keep the rose. So I will shoot you an email in a couple of weeks after our summer travels.
He is super excited to get his rose and pound a nail in the cross!

erik w/a "k" said...

woohoo!! what an amazing thing to get to blog about!

Jen said...

That's awesome Christy - thanks for sharing the story. There are so many different ways kids come to know and believe in God. It's good to hear the stories! :)

Christy said...

Thank you Erik & Jen, its amazing to see how God moves in our children.

And So It Goes said...

Amazing! And poop, ta boot!