Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Next Week

We actually leave on Friday to start off a marathon vacation that is actually 4 different trips for me, 3 for Tim and 2 for the kids. First we are headed to Seattle to celebrate my Grammies 95th birthday party and all the Shannon clan will be there. Shannon is my maiden name if you didn't know that.

This is a picture of my late Grandfather Shannon and
my Grammie on their honeymoon in August 1938.

We are in Seattle for few days and on our way up there we are stopping here, to pick up our new tent because our old one broke. But since we bought it at Costco we just took it back, but unfortunately they were out of tents so we couldn't get another one from!!We are home for one day to pack for our 2 day camping trip with my parents to here.

Then Tim & I drive to my parents house while my parents drive back with the kids and leave the van with all the camping gear. We pick up Tim's car with our separate suit cases in them with clothes that don't smell like camp fire and head off to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary at the place we got married. They now have a resort hotel and are excited go back where we exchanged our vows and made promises. On the inside of our wedding bands we have inscribed "A promise is to keep" and it has been so much fun to keep.

10 years
4 pregnancies
3 babies
1 dog & 2 goldfish
4 jobs
4 moves
7 cars
endless laughs, a few tears, and always much much love!!

I'm still deciding on a girls weekend away to the high desert. But I would leave the day we pick up the kids and would be leaving Tim to completely unpack the van & camping gear and do all the laundry. Can he do it, he says he can but not sure I should go, what do you all think?

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