Friday, July 16, 2010

"The Things God Left Undone"

My Mom found this in the back on her church bulletin dated summer of 1975 or '76.

"The wisdom of God is shown in that He left the world unfinished that we might have the interest and delight in taking the raw material and putting the world together.

He left the oil in the trapped rock, the aluminum in the clay, the paper in the pulp, the electricity in the clouds.

He left the forests unfelled, the mountains unsurveyed, the canals, undug, and the tunnels unbored.

He left the fields unplowed and unplanted, the business policies undeveloped, and the children not raised.

He left the music unwritten, the poetry undreamed, the dramas unplayed, and the sermons undelivered.

He left inventions unapplied, the dams and cities unbuilt.

He left mind and character unperfected, that we might really be the children of God---created in His own image, with inherent powers to take the raw materials and put the old world together."

Isn't it wonderful that we can use our abilities in the completion of the work that God left undone?

--Author Unknown

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Sue said...

That was awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! Sue