Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tired update **P.S. at end***

We had an awesome 4th of July weekend. Saturday night Reagan and I had a sleep over at my parents house and the boys stayed home and did "boy" things. I heard they played swords, watched star wars and ate pancakes for dinner. The girls made an American flag cake and played with a new toy.

Apparently when my Mom became a State Senator 15 years ago she bought herself a toy for her achievement. She is no longer a Senator and she never once was able to play with her toy....how sad :(

What is it you ask? She bought herself a very nice
serger sewing machine that came with a nice case. I had no idea that she even owned this wonderful invention, so when I told her I was trying to save up for one, she nonchalantly said, "I have one." I about dropped out of my chair. I took it down to the local vacuum slash sewing machine shop and they were able to thread it for free! The man told me that the machine is in excellent condition considering how old it is and that she bought it used. (me giggling inside from excitement)

So, when we had our girls sleep over we thought we would make all sorts of little creations but instead realized that I needed to take a class so that I could learn how and then teach my Mom how to use it. She just mainly wants to hem or alter some skirts. I did make Reagan a little nightgown for her dolly, a very crude nightgown but Reagan loves it, so I shouldn't be to hard on myself.

So, why am I tired? Well, we stayed up late on the 3rd and the 4
th and all this week Reagan is at day camp. She has to be at the church at 8am to ride the bus and well we are all still pretty tired. Reagan has so far canoed, swam, creek walked and ate lunch in a bus that doesn't work anymore. Her camp counselors name is Otter and on Friday we all get to go to the camp for family night. Can't wait!!

Happy week everyone!!

****p.s..............I miss Reagan terribly!!!*****

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