Thursday, July 22, 2010


Is an awesome and amazing friend. We have been there for each other through many big events in our families lives and I am so grateful to call her my friend. Our oldest kids are in the same grade at the same school and are growing up together. You can read some cute stories about those two right here, here and here.

Vanessa always throws the best parties and is the most gracious host. So, I am excited to announce that she has started her own blog.....Yippee!!!

Its called Southern In My Heart and I visit it everyday for her creative decorating, savvy style and awesome bargain hunting ideas. This woman knows how to get and find great deals!! I think this is my favorite post or maybe this one.

So, please head on over and say hi to my friend Vanessa!!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to Vanessa. I am so grateful that she has such a wonderful friend in her life, someone who appreciates her as much as I do. ;o) Love your blog! Thanks for linking to Gourmet Meals for Less, that is so sweet! Next time we are in Oregon we have to all get together and talk kids, food and decorating. God bless!


Christy said...

I feel as if I know you and your amazing family from all the neat stories Vanessa has shared and from your blog.

Vanessa not only knows how to decorate her house but that woman can dress and is always in style. She should have another blog on what to wear during which season. She is like the nice big sister I never had telling me whats hip, classy and stylish!

(Side note, I don't have any sisters except for sister's in laws and they all live in different time zones.)

Thanks for the comment :)