Tuesday, August 31, 2010

State Fair round 2

We start off with the STIHL Timbersports event that was televised on ESPN.
It was fun to watch, especially since I grew up in a logging town.
The kids were not impressed, but I could have stayed and watched all day.

Hilarious picture of Reagan by some random cows.

Eating ice cream from the all important Dairy Women's Red Barn.
Kids cones are only $1.00!!

Reagan finally got to ride the bull.

Going on the chair lift ride to get a birds eye view of the whole fair.

If you look in Lincoln's sunglasses you can see me taking his picture.
Unfortunately its the only picture of me.

Free fishing where the kids didn't catch a fish, we think they were already full.

Finally the kids got to go on some rides.
Lincoln's first choice was the super slides.

Reagan choose a ride & a game.
She is finally tall enough to go on the swings.
She looks so tiny in that great big seat.
I was so nervous the whole time,
she took her hand off the chain to wave to us
and I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!

Lincoln diving into the balls, I love that I captured him in mid air and
that he put his hands together to dive in the balls.

We are going back to the fair on Thursday and maybe next Monday.
What can I say, we love the fair!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm short

If you don't know me in real life, I am just under 5 feet 2 inches tall. Being a short person and pregnant I believe is different for say my friend Brooke, she is tall with long legs and a long torso. Don't get me wrong, she has had 4 babies and I know as all pregnancies they get uncomfortable no matter how tall or short you may be. I also don't want to sound like I am complaining. I am just no longer comfortable and I believe being a short person it happens sooner in your pregnancy than later.

This baby has no where to go but out and the baby has. I can no longer wear bras for more than a few hours, its just too painful. Bending over is hard, sitting is worse and standing is the easiest.

I eat much smaller meals just more frequently. I also need to get some slip on tennis shoes because I need more support than my flip flops and its getting too hard to put on tie tennis shoes.

I am 24 weeks pregnant and I have my monthly doctor's appointment tomorrow. Hopefully in 6 weeks we will be scheduling the c-section which could be 1 week before my due date. If that happens then I only have 15 weeks until we meet baby or 103 days!!

Okay, so you all know how I have been feeling, I can now get on with my daily life. My Mom once told me, "that as long as one woman knows your suffering, you will be alright." Now all of blog world knows my uncomfortableness, and now I should be just fine.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Our week in picture's

All the picture's are from my phone so the quality is poor, but oh well.

Took this picture the morning after I made the skirt. She doesn't look too excited, I still think she was half asleep.

Photo-0235.<span class=

Lincoln moved up to Reagan's level 2 class and only lasted a day because he was slipping on the side of the pool and it was cold. But he still passed level 1, so when ever he is ready to do lesson's again he will be in level 2.

Photo-0238.<span class=

Lincoln & me pool side, watching our star Reagan rock her lesson's.

Photo-0248.<span class=

No surprise, Lincoln found ants eating an old fish cracker.

Photo-0249.<span class=

He begged me to take a picture of the ants, his favorite insect.

Photo-0250.<span class=

Lincoln also found this praying mantis. Kids find such interesting things when they are so close to the ground.

Photo-0240.<span class=
I took the kids to the state fair today and we did lots of fun and interesting things.

Lincoln loved riding the mechanical bull!! These picture's are so funny!!

Photo-0252.<span class=

Photo-0253.<span class=

Lincoln the bull rider!

Betty the beaver, our state animal.

Photo-0256.<span class=

Lincoln now wants me to make this for his birthday, I don't think so.

Photo-0258.<span class=

Okay folks, that's all, see you next week!!

Photo-0251.<span class=

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 tiered skirt

I bought some pink jersey cotton fabric on clearance a few months ago.
Last night I decided to finally make the skirt I promised Reagan.

Here are a series of pictures I took to document the whole process.
This is just one side of the skirt.

I had to gather, which I had not done before.
So I found a tutorial video on you tube and gave it my best shot.
No to bad, eh?

Sew them together.

Then add the top yoke, that doesn't need to be gathered.
Do this same process for the other half of the skirt.

Sew them together.

I used an inch thick elastic for the waist, so I sewed all the way
around the waist then threaded the elastic through. Then sewed the elastic together
and sewed the remaining waist.
I was also able to use the serger to finish and secure the seams.

The only thing left to do is hem this pretty little skirt and right now I'm just to tired.
Reagan loves the skirt!!!

I really liked using this fabric for this type of skirt because it is very forgiving and hides many mistakes.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Tim went on a guys weekend last weekend and then came home and packed for a business trip to California. He is suffering in San Fransisco, going out to eat for every meal and having a nice time. He gets home tomorrow around bedtime. We miss him!! I miss him!! It throws off our routine and most dinners are a bust. Can't wait for him to walk through the door tomorrow.

I had to take
Ditka to the vet, his scratching was getting bad. So, $124 later he has 3 medications, 1 anti-fugal, 1 antibiotic, and a steroid for the itching. He has yeast and bacteria growing in his cuts where he scratches himself. Poor puppy. I think it is working, its hard to tell because he is such an odd dog anyway.

The kids are doing swim lessons all week and its amazing the progress they have made in just two days. Lincoln can put his head all the way under (he doesn't like it but he can do it!) Reagan is so close to moving up to level 3 and she just loves it!!

School is around the corner and I know Reagan is the most excited about being in 1st grade and all day!! Yikes, where has the time gone. Lincoln starts
pre-kindergarten and says he just wants the backpack and doesn't want to go to school. He is warming up to the idea and is excited that one of his buddies is in the class.

The state fair starts Friday and I can't wait, I love all things fair and especially the state fair. Went to buy our tickets in advance to take advantage of the discount but the computers are down so I will have to go back tomorrow. I will be posting picture's of Reagan doing the mutton busting, animals and eating fair food, like a giant elephant ear...yummy!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What has been on my mind?

Hats, newborn Christmas hats to be exact. I want the baby to wear one but I can't decide? I found them all at etsy, and I love them all!!

1. This can be boy or girl, no problem. You can find it here.

2. This little hat is obviously a girls hat and you can find it here.
Well not anymore, I bought the last one :)

3. Again it can be for both genders, I love the rich red color. You can find it here.

4. I love this one too and you can find it here.

This is where you all come in. I can't decide and would love your opinion. I think I might just buy the girl hat because it is on sale and then if we have a boy, just give it to a friend. Please, please, please help me decide. I love them all, I love baby hats!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Anniversary Ring

Tim surprised me with this beautiful ring for our 10 year wedding anniversary! Isn't it gorgeous?! You will have to click on the ring to see the meanings of each stone. Tim is on the inside of the ring to be closer to my heart. I just love it and it is my favorite color!!

When I showed the kids the ring and what the stones meant they both said very shockingly, "Which one is for Ditka!!!" I laughed and said he doesn't get a stone and they both ran to Daddy almost in tears. Daddy said that Ditka was the white gold that holds this family together and then I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. He is not the gold that holds this family together, God is!! So, the kids have added Ditka to my ring and I thought you would enjoy their interpretation.

I don't argue with them anymore, he is important to them and I respect that, but in my heart I know.

Kids Choir

Reagan sang in our church's kids choir last weekend. They sang six songs and performed at all four services. Lincoln practiced with the kids at the first practice but decided it wasn't for him.
I also helped out again and loved listening to the kids sing and loved all the questions they had for me and my pregnant belly. One little girl asked me why my tummy was so big and I told her that there was a baby in there. Another little girl pipped in and said, "I was wondering why it was so big." Then they all wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl and what names we could name the baby and when would the baby be here. I love little girls, the boys had absolutely no interest....I love little boys too!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

There's nothing more frugal than free!... it's a CSN giveaway!

My blog friend Heather is having a giveaway over at her blog Gourmet Meals for Less.

Who doesn't love free?? So go on over and visit her blog to find out how to enter to win.....go on and do it now!!!!

Eye can see clearly now

Now that my eye has healed. I was so innocently washing my hair when I got shampoo in my left eye and of course it hurt. Well, all day it hurt and wasn't getting any better. So I called the last eye doctor I had, which was well over 8 years ago. They got me in and he absolutely remembers me, (that felt nice.) I had Lasik eye surgery 12 years ago because I was legally blind and was tired of contacts, glasses and not being able to see my face in the mirror, unless it was 4 inches from my face. So, back to my eye injury. He looked at it extensively, put some funny die in it and said that I have a small scratch on my cornea, but that it was a chemical burn from my shampoo!!! The nice doctor numbed my eye, cleaned it out and put antibiotics in it and today I am glad to announce that it is all better. But this morning I used the Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo instead of the other stuff (it was suave in case you wanted to know) :)

I also forgot to blog that a couple of weeks ago, Lincoln scratched his cornea on a cardboard box and we went to the ER, his was much worse than mine but he is now all better too.

Also yesterday I think I turned into an alien and so did the kids and nothing was right and if it was, it still wasn't right. Today is much better, woke up and instantly started praying for the day, for the kids and for my attitude. Today is a new day and it will be better!!

Psalm 107:1
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever

I choose that scripture because last night Reagan had kids worship choir practice and one of the songs they sing has that scripture is in it. Its was just what I needed to hear.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pictures of last week

We start out in Seattle for my Grammie's 95th birthday party. Which also happens to be Reagan's birthday. My cousin Betsy couldn't make it because she was due the following week but little Andrew decided it was time. So, now on my side of the family 2 great grand kids share their birthday with their Great Grammie, it should be a family holiday or something now!!

Below is my nephew Liam and Grammie at the party.He has got to be the happiest baby ever, and the best part.....he LOVES ME!!He would go to me over Nana, so I tried to stay away when she had him.
I just love that little guy!!

Me looking surprised because I was trying to get Liam to look at the camera.
All Liam wanted was Reagan's polar bear pup named snowball.
Liam also loves Reagan and those two became fast friends.

Our theme was a classy beach theme.
These are the flowers my Mom bought that morning at Pikes.
I bought the vases at the dollar store.

My Aunts, cousin Linnea and myself decorated the tables.
The table runner is tan paper that came in a roll. It gives the sand color we needed.
And the fishing net adds texture along with the sea shells.
We had a lot of fun getting it all ready!!

On to camping, 3 days later we were at the beach and woke up to a typical beach morning.

Reagan sipping hot chocolate.

Daddy having cold cereal.

After everyone got up and my parents came from their
hotel, we biked to the shipwreck.

Reagan, the karate kid.

The one family picture that was taken,
Lincoln didn't want to be in it and threw a colossal fit!!

Here is a picture of my cutie pie parents....we love them!!

We biked back to the camp site and had lunch.
Reagan & Granddad biked to our next location.
We took the van.

Next stop, Ft. Stevens military museum.

I love this picture of Lincoln, finally a smile!!

The best part about this place is that you can climb on & in almost everything!!
Neither one of the kids wanted to leave, we had so much fun!!

The next day we packed up and headed to my parents house to drop off the kids and
air out the tent and camp gear. Tim and I headed off to the Oregon Garden Resort Hotel.
We got married in the beautiful Garden exactly 10 year ago!!
It is now a mature garden.

I forgot my camera so my cell phone will have to do and its only of Tim and I.

We bought a package deal and also went to the Pat Benatar concert that was in the garden,
Below is a picture I took while Tim went to rent us some lawn chairs.
Its of my pregnant belly and my toes.

We also ate at the restaurant that catered our wedding. Which is funny because at our wedding reception dinner we didn't actually get to eat because we were so busy visiting with everyone. And in the past 1o years we never once went there for dinner and so that was kinda fun to do.

Tim also gave me a beautiful blue topaz ring
to celebrate our anniversary and I will post picture's once I get it sized.

I also did make it to the girls weekend and am very glad that I went....sorry no picture's :(

Sorry for the picture heavy post but I wanted to update you all at once.