Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 tiered skirt

I bought some pink jersey cotton fabric on clearance a few months ago.
Last night I decided to finally make the skirt I promised Reagan.

Here are a series of pictures I took to document the whole process.
This is just one side of the skirt.

I had to gather, which I had not done before.
So I found a tutorial video on you tube and gave it my best shot.
No to bad, eh?

Sew them together.

Then add the top yoke, that doesn't need to be gathered.
Do this same process for the other half of the skirt.

Sew them together.

I used an inch thick elastic for the waist, so I sewed all the way
around the waist then threaded the elastic through. Then sewed the elastic together
and sewed the remaining waist.
I was also able to use the serger to finish and secure the seams.

The only thing left to do is hem this pretty little skirt and right now I'm just to tired.
Reagan loves the skirt!!!

I really liked using this fabric for this type of skirt because it is very forgiving and hides many mistakes.

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Lori Vernon said...

Looks awesome! Good job!

Vanessa said...

Hey friend! That is so awesome! You should come over and link it up to my Inspiration Friday post. I'm having one of those linky parties and you can put yours in for others to see!
Try it!

Debbie said...

How cute is that? You make it look so easy. I am not all that gifted in the clothes sewing department, and you even make me think that I could do it.

Great job. Lucky little girl!

Christy said...

Thanks Debbie,
It was a fun little project and it really wasn't that hard.
My next project is to take a sewing class to learn how to really use my serger to its full potential. Once the kids are back in school I just might have time ;)