Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Tim went on a guys weekend last weekend and then came home and packed for a business trip to California. He is suffering in San Fransisco, going out to eat for every meal and having a nice time. He gets home tomorrow around bedtime. We miss him!! I miss him!! It throws off our routine and most dinners are a bust. Can't wait for him to walk through the door tomorrow.

I had to take
Ditka to the vet, his scratching was getting bad. So, $124 later he has 3 medications, 1 anti-fugal, 1 antibiotic, and a steroid for the itching. He has yeast and bacteria growing in his cuts where he scratches himself. Poor puppy. I think it is working, its hard to tell because he is such an odd dog anyway.

The kids are doing swim lessons all week and its amazing the progress they have made in just two days. Lincoln can put his head all the way under (he doesn't like it but he can do it!) Reagan is so close to moving up to level 3 and she just loves it!!

School is around the corner and I know Reagan is the most excited about being in 1st grade and all day!! Yikes, where has the time gone. Lincoln starts
pre-kindergarten and says he just wants the backpack and doesn't want to go to school. He is warming up to the idea and is excited that one of his buddies is in the class.

The state fair starts Friday and I can't wait, I love all things fair and especially the state fair. Went to buy our tickets in advance to take advantage of the discount but the computers are down so I will have to go back tomorrow. I will be posting picture's of Reagan doing the mutton busting, animals and eating fair food, like a giant elephant ear...yummy!!


Generation Twenty-Something said...

those pictures from last year were hilarious esp the mutton chasing! you and your kids always look like they are having fun!

Christy said...

Hey Kelly!!
Reagan can't wait to mutton bust again, she would rather do that then go on the rides...she cracks me up! Lincoln is not going to mutton bust, no surprise there.

I love all your random and funny picture's on FB, it could be its own blog of just funny and random picture's. Kinda like cake wrecks or awkward family photos. You have an art of capturing the funny!!
Thanks for the comment!