Friday, August 27, 2010

Our week in picture's

All the picture's are from my phone so the quality is poor, but oh well.

Took this picture the morning after I made the skirt. She doesn't look too excited, I still think she was half asleep.

Photo-0235.<span class=

Lincoln moved up to Reagan's level 2 class and only lasted a day because he was slipping on the side of the pool and it was cold. But he still passed level 1, so when ever he is ready to do lesson's again he will be in level 2.

Photo-0238.<span class=

Lincoln & me pool side, watching our star Reagan rock her lesson's.

Photo-0248.<span class=

No surprise, Lincoln found ants eating an old fish cracker.

Photo-0249.<span class=

He begged me to take a picture of the ants, his favorite insect.

Photo-0250.<span class=

Lincoln also found this praying mantis. Kids find such interesting things when they are so close to the ground.

Photo-0240.<span class=
I took the kids to the state fair today and we did lots of fun and interesting things.

Lincoln loved riding the mechanical bull!! These picture's are so funny!!

Photo-0252.<span class=

Photo-0253.<span class=

Lincoln the bull rider!

Betty the beaver, our state animal.

Photo-0256.<span class=

Lincoln now wants me to make this for his birthday, I don't think so.

Photo-0258.<span class=

Okay folks, that's all, see you next week!!

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