Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pictures of last week

We start out in Seattle for my Grammie's 95th birthday party. Which also happens to be Reagan's birthday. My cousin Betsy couldn't make it because she was due the following week but little Andrew decided it was time. So, now on my side of the family 2 great grand kids share their birthday with their Great Grammie, it should be a family holiday or something now!!

Below is my nephew Liam and Grammie at the party.He has got to be the happiest baby ever, and the best part.....he LOVES ME!!He would go to me over Nana, so I tried to stay away when she had him.
I just love that little guy!!

Me looking surprised because I was trying to get Liam to look at the camera.
All Liam wanted was Reagan's polar bear pup named snowball.
Liam also loves Reagan and those two became fast friends.

Our theme was a classy beach theme.
These are the flowers my Mom bought that morning at Pikes.
I bought the vases at the dollar store.

My Aunts, cousin Linnea and myself decorated the tables.
The table runner is tan paper that came in a roll. It gives the sand color we needed.
And the fishing net adds texture along with the sea shells.
We had a lot of fun getting it all ready!!

On to camping, 3 days later we were at the beach and woke up to a typical beach morning.

Reagan sipping hot chocolate.

Daddy having cold cereal.

After everyone got up and my parents came from their
hotel, we biked to the shipwreck.

Reagan, the karate kid.

The one family picture that was taken,
Lincoln didn't want to be in it and threw a colossal fit!!

Here is a picture of my cutie pie parents....we love them!!

We biked back to the camp site and had lunch.
Reagan & Granddad biked to our next location.
We took the van.

Next stop, Ft. Stevens military museum.

I love this picture of Lincoln, finally a smile!!

The best part about this place is that you can climb on & in almost everything!!
Neither one of the kids wanted to leave, we had so much fun!!

The next day we packed up and headed to my parents house to drop off the kids and
air out the tent and camp gear. Tim and I headed off to the Oregon Garden Resort Hotel.
We got married in the beautiful Garden exactly 10 year ago!!
It is now a mature garden.

I forgot my camera so my cell phone will have to do and its only of Tim and I.

We bought a package deal and also went to the Pat Benatar concert that was in the garden,
Below is a picture I took while Tim went to rent us some lawn chairs.
Its of my pregnant belly and my toes.

We also ate at the restaurant that catered our wedding. Which is funny because at our wedding reception dinner we didn't actually get to eat because we were so busy visiting with everyone. And in the past 1o years we never once went there for dinner and so that was kinda fun to do.

Tim also gave me a beautiful blue topaz ring
to celebrate our anniversary and I will post picture's once I get it sized.

I also did make it to the girls weekend and am very glad that I went....sorry no picture's :(

Sorry for the picture heavy post but I wanted to update you all at once.


Jen said...

What a great week - based on the pictures!!

Christy said...

We did have fun and it went by too fast, but we made lots of memories!