Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

Wait a minute, my birthday isn't until next month. But that is okay because who would turn down an early birthday present right? Certainly not me!

Tim surprised me and knew how badly I have wanted to replace the carpet in our house.

We have lived here for 6 years and when we built our home we put in really cheap carpet.
And now it shows.
I will spare you the stains, the parts where its coming apart from the nail strips and did I mention the stains.
Now you all could say Christy why don't you just clean it?
We did and the stains only got bigger.
I was never fully able to get out the red kool aide stain that one of my children who will go unnamed to protect there identity accidentally made.

So, this coming Monday at approximately 9:15am, I will be getting this carpet.
The brand is Karastan and its the tender touch model and the color is called polished brass.

This week I am boxing up books, moving toys and trying to figure out how all our large furniture is going to fit in our kitchen & dinning room.
One of Tim's friends is coming over to help with the big stuff on Sunday and Tim is taking Monday off, so that he can move the furniture back.

Oh, I can't wait!! It will be so nice to have new carpet for when the baby comes!!

And just so you all don't forget, my real birthday is November 10th!
I won't tell you the year because a lady doesn't talk about such things ;)


Kristin said...

Looks awesome. I would love new carpet. We went cheap to and I would love softer and squishier pad.

Christy said...

Oh yes, we are going with the 8lb pad that has the moisture barrier. Oh, I can't wait!!