Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have changed my blog design to reflect how I am feeling. I am getting ready for this baby and getting the house ready for Christmas as well. Tim won't let me get a tree yet. But come Thanksgiving weekend, you bet your bottom dollar we will have a tree and the lights on the house.

I know lists are lame but sometimes I just need to jot things down.
  • My birthday is tomorrow :)
  • Tim has to work late all this week
  • The kids have Thursday & Friday off
  • I am not feeling well ;(
  • I am half way done making the Christmas crib bumpers (pictures soon)
  • Not sure I like how dark it is in the early evening.
  • Not sleeping well
  • My feet are driving me crazy
  • Today was pajama day for Lincoln
  • I'm super tired
  • Making breakfast for dinner tonight because its just easy
Did I mention that I'm really tired? I think so.


Vanessa said...

Hey! We had breakfast for dinner last night! :-) Happy Early Bday my friend!
Love you,

Christy said...

Thank you friend!!
Love you too!