Friday, December 24, 2010

McKinley's birth story

On Wednesday December 1st I told everyone at dinner that I gave the baby permission to be born at anytime. Tim spoke up and said that the baby can arrive anytime after work on Friday December 3rd.

This picture is the last picture of me pregnant.

Lets jump to Friday December 3rd. I had been having braxton hicks contractions most of the day and pretty much everyday since I was about 30 weeks. But today they seemed rather annoying. I talked to one of my closest and longest friends Stacey about the braxton hicks she had with her last child. I wanted to know if they felt different than with her other children, and how painful they were. After we hung up, Tim got home and we all kinda ate different things....because lets face it I really stopped cooking weeks ago. Reagan went Christmas
shopping with my Mom and wouldn't be back for hours. Then all of a sudden around 6:30pm I get back pain with the braxton hicks and pain around my incision from the previous c-sections. I notify Tim of my new pain and let him know that I am going to go and lay down to see if that will ease the pain. I know that I'm not suppose to labor because of my previous 2 c-sections and that if this was labor I should go at least get checked out. I lay down but the pain is still there. I feel best bent over and leaning on the bed. I now know that this is not normal for braxton hicks.
I call the on call doctor and he was super nice and said, just come on down, it won't hurt to at least check you out. So, we load up Lincoln and Tim drives us down to the hospital. I didn't bring my bag or the carseat because I honestly thought they were going to send me home.

We arrive around 7:30pm and get into triage and am surprised that we are the only ones there in the maternity triage area. It was okay with me because I got lots of good attention. They hook me up and sure enough there are my contractions. The nurse checks me and says, "you are a tight 1cm." We are told we can walk around and they would check me again in an hour. Meanwhile we called my Mom and she meets us at the hospital to be with Lincoln. During my one hour walking and dealing with back pain I get nauseous. I get back to the triage room and get checked again and tell the nurse of my nauseousness. She tells me I'm a loose 1cm and is going to go and speak with the doctor. I'm still having contractions that are getting more
frequent and stronger. The doctor comes back and says that he wants to start an IV and give me some meds for my nausea and will be back at 11pm to see how I am doing. He also thinks that the contractions will go away once I get hydrated, and I agree with him. However, nothing stopped except for the nausea. I still have back pain and the contractions are increasing in both strength and frequency. The nurse checks me again and no change. The doctor comes back and says, that he doesn't feel comfortable sending me home with my contractions on the rise. Especially since hydrating me didn't stop them. During the last 1.5 hours Tim went home and got a bag for me just in case. Tim's Mom came to be with the kids so my Mom could be at the hospital with us.

Just after 11pm we decide to go ahead with the c-section. We start making some phone calls and sent out some updates on facebook about our turn of events. The kids wouldn't know until morning that they had a baby sister.

For some reason I really wanted the baby to be born on the 4th so everyone took their time getting things ready. During the c-section the doctors discover that I have lots of scar tissue from the previous c-section and that my uterus is dangerously thin and is actually rupturing as they are touching it. If I had fallen or been in a car accident, my uterus could have ruptured and I would have mostly likely bled out in less that 5 minutes. The doctor's said that my body would not have tolerated any kind of active or hard labor. Thank you Jesus that we decided to do the c-section!!! The doctor's advised me not to have anymore children and we agree.

At 12:20am they ask Tim to stand up and announce that, "Its a GIRL!" Tim cried, I cried and she was crying like mad, healthy and he
r apgar score was 9/9. They said that she was 20 1/2 inches but when we had her 2 week check up she was 19 1/2 inches? So most likely at birth she was 18 1/2 inches long.

She has lots of dark hair, which is different from both her brother & sister. Lincoln was a towhead and Reagan was more dark blonde.

She has been a joy and delight to us and we are just thrilled!!


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing the story! I love the date of Dec. wedding anniversary also! : ) Hopefully after the holidays we can come over and meet McKinley!

Christy said...

Did everyone feel better by Christmas morning?

We would love it if you came over to visit!

Talk soon :)