Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things change

My c-section date has changed and its not earlier and I'm not too happy about it!!!

The date is now December 14th, which means I will miss Reagan's Christmas program at school. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30am now instead of a lovely 7am. I am not too happy about this at all!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday the 10th is full, however they put me on a "list" so that if one of the ladies goes into labor early I am on the schedule for Friday. But I won't know until that Thursday the 9th.

Please pray that one or more of those ladies goes into labor so I can have the baby on the 10th. Or pray that I go into labor naturally before the 14th. Last night I gave the baby permission to be born anytime now since I am officially term!

My Mom said that this is exciting, not knowing when the baby will be born. I'm not sure exciting is the word I would use Mom ;)

Most c-section Mom's are planners and well, I had everything lined up from childcare, to Tim being off work and the photographer scheduled. It will all work out I know, but still to change things on a very pregnant lady is not funny!!!

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