Thursday, December 9, 2010

We came home!!

Here are some pictures of our last days in the hospital.

Tim's Nana B.

My Grandma Ruth, the kids call her Gigi for Great Grandma.

My Mom

My brother Del had last minute business in Oregon and was able to here.
He lives in Colorado and it was super special that he could be here.

I took some picture's of McKinley before I got her dressed.
Not too bad, eh?

After I got her dressed in her going home outfit, she wouldn't stop moving.

Finally, we are all ready to go.
We are home and so glad.
I will write her birth story soon,
I'm just still so tired and she loves to stay up all night!

Be back soon!

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jana said...

I heard you were are Hearts on Thursday. I didn't make it, but can't believe you were there so soon! Glad everyone is feeling good and that you are already able to get out and about so well.