Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ping pong chores

I got the idea from Stephanie over at Nienie.
She used soft golf balls and I'm using ping pong balls used for beer pong.

When I read her blog this morning I thought what a neat idea. But when I was buying chicken at the grocery store I saw this display for beer pong. Everything you would needs was there. Well, except for the ping pong table.

I wrote chores on the balls and then each day the kids are asked to pick five balls out of the bowl.
They can do a max of 10 balls a day. There are 36 balls and it was kinda hard to come up with 36 chores. So, I included ones that said
  • free
  • take a 5 min break
  • help your brother/sister
  • ask Mom/Dad

At the end of the week if the kids have 35 points then we go to the dollar store for 1 item.
If the kids get 45 points then they can visit the redbox or blockbuster.
If they get 70 points then they get a treat at Dairy Queen, Baskin Robin or Cold Stone.

Just a cute picture of McKinley ;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

repost:: scariest moment in the summer of '08.....for me

As I was going outside this morning, I put on my left shoe and it felt a little funny and I heard a little noise....I then thought....I should look in my shoe. My shoe's had been outside all night which is common. Tim had sprayed for spiders the weekend before, not too worried. I take off my shoe and I slowly peep at the toe portion and there is a huge spider staring back at me. I proceed to FREAK OUT, hand Tim my shoe and he says, yeah that is a big spider. He nonchalantly says, I hope its not a Hobo Spider. This is what was in my shoe.....a male hobo spider.

I learned that 50% of all bites are dry, so no venom, my foot or my toes don't have any marks that would indicate a bite. However, that doesn't stop me from thinking my foot is tingling or itchy because my head is playing games with me. We put the spider in a food storage container, and I think we are suppose to put it in the freezer.

We also have 10 wasps or yellow jacket nests on the eves of our house. Tonight he is going to spray them and hopefully it will get rid of them.

It is the hottest weekend of the summer, at 9 am it was 72 degrees and now its 2:30 pm and its 95 degrees......its gonna be a hot one.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Originally uploaded by My Presidents

I hope these two sisters are always close! Oh, how I love them!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy belated blogiversary to me!!

On Tuesday the 18th it was my 4 year blogiversary. Things have changed since I started this blog.

  • There were 2 Presidents ages 3 & almost 1.
  • Now there are 3 Presidents ages 7, almost 5 and a 6 week old baby.
  • Then we had no dog.
  • Now we have Ditka.
  • I didn't sew very much
  • Now I am sewing lots, but not since McKinley was born.
  • The older Presidents weren't in school.
  • Now they are both in school.
  • Then hardly anyone read my blog.
  • In 4 years I have had 673 blog posts!!
  • I have had over 25,000 visitors total.
  • Since May I have had over 12,000.....that's crazy!
  • My life is fuller and I'm so grateful that God has given this life to me.
Next year when its my 5 year blogiversary I will do something a little more special. This year it hard to just sit and write, there is this little tiny 9 lb baby girl that needs me. Love you all and please continue to pray for baby Maggie!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

McKinley Speaks!

McKinley says "hi" at 30 seconds into the movie. She is 6 weeks old in the movie.
Our baby is a genius!! ;)

All Clear!

McKinley's lungs are all clear! We just got back from the doctor and he said she sounds great!

The crappy thing about RSV is that as long as she has a runny nose and a cough she is still contagious. So, no bible study this week and no play-dates. I can go grocery shopping but she needs to stay in her car seat. I shouldn't have her out of it when we are out.

I have cabin fever! Bad! I am an extrovert and I love people. I love being around people and I love socializing. But, McKinley's health comes first. So, we are home and I am watching a lot of "do it yourself" shows.

Back to RSV for a moment. The doctor told me that McKinley's lungs could be damaged from the RSV for the next couple of years and that when she gets another cold or virus it will go straight to her lungs and start wheezing. Ugh!! That just sucks!! My poor baby.

I don't want to be a hermit but now I feel super protective of her. Before it didn't bother me if my kids got colds or the occasional virus, I mean I hate it when my kids are sick but now I am just nervous about it. The big kids go to school so it is only a matter of time. My trust is in the Lord and that is where I need to put my nervousness.

My friend Maryanne has a blog called "A peek into our lives". They just had a baby girl named Magnolia and she had problems when she was born and needs your prayer! She now has her own blog here. Please pray for this little girl!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


McKinley has an IV & O2 to help bring up her oxygen level. Her fever goes up and down and now it's down, so that is good. She has lost her voice and has a very sad sounding cry :( We will be here until tomorrow. If she gets worse we will be here for a few more days, if not we go home. I will keep you updated. Thanks for the prayers!


McKinley has RSV and she is being admitted to the hospital. It's been a long night, update more later.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One month

McKinley is one month today.
She weighs 8 1/2 lb.
She has almost out grown her newborn size clothes.
She is a great baby!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm here I promise! Things are just hectic around here. Reagan has a lung infection in her right lung and so we are taking it easy. The kids however are getting a little cabin fever.

McKinley sleeping schedule is off by about 5 hours, so she is going to bed around 2am and sleeping until 7am and then going back to sleep after she eats until 10 or 11am.

My parents surprised the kids (we knew) with plans for a trip to Disneyland in early May. We are all super excited for this trip!