Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy belated blogiversary to me!!

On Tuesday the 18th it was my 4 year blogiversary. Things have changed since I started this blog.

  • There were 2 Presidents ages 3 & almost 1.
  • Now there are 3 Presidents ages 7, almost 5 and a 6 week old baby.
  • Then we had no dog.
  • Now we have Ditka.
  • I didn't sew very much
  • Now I am sewing lots, but not since McKinley was born.
  • The older Presidents weren't in school.
  • Now they are both in school.
  • Then hardly anyone read my blog.
  • In 4 years I have had 673 blog posts!!
  • I have had over 25,000 visitors total.
  • Since May I have had over 12,000.....that's crazy!
  • My life is fuller and I'm so grateful that God has given this life to me.
Next year when its my 5 year blogiversary I will do something a little more special. This year it hard to just sit and write, there is this little tiny 9 lb baby girl that needs me. Love you all and please continue to pray for baby Maggie!!

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Vanessa@Southern In My Heart said...

Happy Blogiversary my friend! I think yours might just have been the first one I ever read! :-)