Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ping pong chores

I got the idea from Stephanie over at Nienie.
She used soft golf balls and I'm using ping pong balls used for beer pong.

When I read her blog this morning I thought what a neat idea. But when I was buying chicken at the grocery store I saw this display for beer pong. Everything you would needs was there. Well, except for the ping pong table.

I wrote chores on the balls and then each day the kids are asked to pick five balls out of the bowl.
They can do a max of 10 balls a day. There are 36 balls and it was kinda hard to come up with 36 chores. So, I included ones that said
  • free
  • take a 5 min break
  • help your brother/sister
  • ask Mom/Dad

At the end of the week if the kids have 35 points then we go to the dollar store for 1 item.
If the kids get 45 points then they can visit the redbox or blockbuster.
If they get 70 points then they get a treat at Dairy Queen, Baskin Robin or Cold Stone.

Just a cute picture of McKinley ;)


SuperMom said...

LOVE this idea! I may have to start this soon.

At The Picket Fence said...

HEY!!! You linked up! I love it! Thank you my friend! :-)