Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wanting what you don't have

Reagan would love to have rag curls everyday. I would love to have long legs. Why is it that we want what we don't have. I mean I know God made me just how he wants me. But for some reason I'm sure he forgot to add a couple of inches to my legs....but He didn't.

I know that the person with the perfect rag curls wishes she had straight hair. The person with the long legs wished she could squeeze into tiny spaces like myself, or how I use to ;) This leads me to my next venture.

I joined a gym. A gym close to my house that has childcare for the wee little president we call McKinley. Tomorrow I meet with a trainer to talk about my goals. I wish to drop 2o lb of baby weight that wasn't there before. I want to try this new dance work out called Zumba. This all goes back to wanting what you don't have. I have very little rhythm, I get it from my Dad...bless his heart...bless my heart. We would love nothing more than to rip it up on the dance floor but that genetic gene was left out. I will try the class but will be in the back of the room so people won't burst out into uncontrollable laughter as they watch me try and navigate the zumba.

So, there is a flip side to this. Do you suppose the person who can dance, wishes there was something that she can do and I can do that thing. I was trying to think of it in the shower this morning.
I can't dance but I can:
talk to complete strangers
follow directions
talk about politics & religion and it doesn't bother me
build a play kitchen out of Ikea furniture
decorate kids cakes
and just creative & crafty when the itch needs to be scratched
I'm likable

I'm sure there are more but I'm trying to get this post out of my brain before its time to get the kids ready for school. After we drop off Reagan, the rest of us are driving to the big city to this really cool cake decorating store to find Lincoln's pirate ship cake pan for his birthday party this weekend. Also this weekend, McKinley is getting dedicated! Also getting dedicated is her best friend Ella! Oh, and my nephew is coming down from college for the weekend with his Mom, my sister in law and the kids auntie Beth!! We couldn't be more excited for this weekend, its going to be jam packed with fun!!

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Jessica said...

Don't fret about Zumba, you will do great. Lots of fun! I really think people are watching the instructor pretty closely so I don't think people are looking around much.
If you are still unsure try the back row, far corner. That's what I always do :)

Before you know it you will be right up front showin' off your new moves!