Monday, March 28, 2011

My foot hurts.

I stubbed my toe last Thursday. Please excuse my un-manicured toes. I almost didn't share, but thought my readers deserve to know the truth. My toes/foot hurts.

Monday, March 21, 2011

1 year ago

One year ago we were here...

Praise God!!! Because now we are here...

What an amazing journey God has brought us on!

So thankful that we trusted God and honored him through our struggles. It wasn't always an easy journey to be on but it was easy to trust Him because I knew in my heart this is what he had promised us. He confirmed that to us in so many different ways when we had prayed for confirmation on the path to McKinley.

Thank you all for praying along with us!

Thank you Jesus!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Repost: Why we wear orange on St. Patrick's Day

Wearing Orange on St. Patrick’s Day: Go Ahead and Pinch Me

This St. Patrick’s Day you’re likely to take part in that time honored tradition of wearing green. If not, you risk punishment-by-pinch, an especially popular custom on schoolyards and around office water coolers. Thus, wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day is not only widely practiced, it’s virtually required. It’s hard to imagine the holiday without green.

But for a growing number of people, taking part in the fun means wearing orange. According to this increasingly popular tradition, Protestants wear orange, and the green clothing attire is left to Catholics. Thus, the color you wear is actually dependent on your religious denomination. Admittedly, this color tradition is not well known, but it has deep roots in Irish history.

Protestant Irish have been known as “orange” ever since 1690 when William of Orange (William III), the King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, defeated King James II, a Roman Catholic, in the Battle of the Boyne near Dublin. William’s victory would ensure Protestant military dominance on the island and has been a source of tension ever since. Although the “Orange” in William’s name actually referred to a province in southern France, the color reference stuck. This is why orange now appears in the Irish flag – to symbolize the Protestant minority in Ireland.

Thus, “Orange Protestants” have been around for quite a while, but wearing the color on St. Patrick’s is a relatively new phenomenon. The first group to take part in the tradition appears to have been the Orange Institution, a Protestant fraternal organization more commonly known as the Orange Order. Some members of the order wore orange in various parades on St. Patrick’s Day as a mark of defiance.

Ironically, St. Patrick himself would have been surprised by all of the fuss. Patrick wasn’t even Irish; he came to Celtic Ireland as a British missionary. But more importantly, Patrick did most of his work in the 5th century at a time when Christians were simply Christians, long before any division between Roman Catholics and Protestants.

Therefore St. Patrick belongs to the whole church, not just Rome, and people of all colors and creeds should take part in the festivities. Yet for some Protestants, part of that fun involves wearing orange. So before the green-wearing Irish among you get into a pinching craze, think twice. Some of us wear orange for a reason.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I haven't taken Zumba yet. There class meets after group power. I have noticed that some of them wear Zumba pants that have a long piece of fabric hanging off all the zipper pulls on every pocket. And they have like six pockets. I wonder why? I really don't know the answer.

I keep loosing the same two pounds and gaining the same two pounds back. Why is that? I have increased my weights, I could eat better but it's hard because I'm nursing and I'm hungry all the time.

I am getting stronger, and more flexible which is nice. I am training for the Warrior Dash. Google it, it looks like a lot of fun!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


During pregnancy your hair goes into a resting phase. Meaning it's nice and thick and doesn't shed much.

About 3 months after the baby is born you hair goes into a shedding phase. On average you loose 500 hairs a day.

I would say that I am loosing double that. I find hair balls in the washer & dryer, it's gross. You don't even want to know what my shower drain looks like...eww!

I read that it should stop when McKinley is around 9 months old. That is 6 months away!! Akk, do you realize I just paid good money to have my hair highlighted? Every time I loose a hand full of hair I can't help but think it's money down the drain. But then I look in the mirror and say it was worth it because I look good in my new hair do ;)

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Saturday, March 12, 2011


I could just eat everyone of her chubby little rolls!! She is just too much!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Why bloggers stop blogging?

I don't really know why people stop blogging. But what I really want them to know is how it affects ME!!

I have had many favorites over the years, and I definitely see a pattern before they pull the plug.

First, they go private and its fun for a while. Its like the blogger is drunk and their inhibitions go out the window and they talk about everything they have been dying to say for years.

Second, they have now said what they wanted to say and have nothing left to say and they end their blog.

Its sad and mostly true.

But what they don't know is how I so looked forward to their writing. How they have a unique way of making me laugh or give me an idea for my own family. Or the struggle they are going through is so close to my struggle that their openness is what helps get me through my day. I think it is extremely selfish to end a blog and I may upset some of my readers by saying that, but nobody thought of MY feelings when they stopped blogging.

That selfish statement might have gone a little far, but just because I don't comment every time doesn't mean I'm not reading. I hardly get comments, hardly ever! I'm not upset, and I don't blog for the feedback or to boost myself esteem.

I have a counter and I know how many times I get visitors.....all 5 of you. Vanessa, Jessica, Cyndi, Jana, and Maryanne, and okay maybe Brooke oh and Scott & Shana but that is it!! Well, I forgot my brothers Bill & Del, but now that is really it!!

I love blogging, I hope all my friends continue with their blogging as well!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


On facebook (Fb), I have a group of Mom friends that have babies. And when we get up in the middle of the night we put UWB in our status to let them know that, "hey we are here too". Have you figured it out what it stands for yet?
Up With Baby.
It's 3:55am and Kinley slept 7.5 hrs, wow!!!!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Taking a break

Okay, I haven't even started on the office yet. But I can't resist rocking our baby. Look at her, she is just so soft and perfect. Before I know it she will be crawling.

Project 1

I bought these boxes in hopes that it would motivate me to.....

organize the office, which is Lincoln's old room.

It is a big job and hopefully I will get it done and it won't take me too long.

I have sewing stuff, crafting stuff, McKinley stuff, Tim's stuff, and just plain old stuff.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little inside fun!!

We moved McKinley into her new room with Reagan. Lincoln had some fun with the crib mattress during this process. You can't see her but Kinley is in the baby swing, and she is sleeping very soundly.