Sunday, June 5, 2011

I can't blame blogger

We are busy folks.
School is out for Summer.
Lincoln will be in Kindergarten & Reagan in 2nd grade!!
The weather has been iffy, so some days we are inside building forts and playing Lego's.

Can you spot Reagan?

Other days we are outside at the park and enjoying the day.

Saturday Lincoln had a t-ball game and then we went swimming. It was fun!!

Post swim dip in the hot tub.
McKinley is on a new med (prilosec) this is for her GERD/acid reflux. It causes her constipation and that causes her to be fussy. But most of the time she is happy, really happy. She is also a clinger and it is really hard to get anything done without her screaming and wanting me to hold her. We love her and hope this will pass soon. Oh and she has started solids and LOVES food!!!