Friday, September 30, 2011

A look back at Summer '11

T-Ball endeed.

4th of July parade.

Camp sing a longs.

Reagan turned 8!!!
We figured out McKinley looks like my Mom.
My Mom about 6 months old

Lincoln got a 2 wheel bike!
Went to the State Fair!

They love riding the mechanical bull.


scottAD said...

What a fun time! The kids didn't get hurt on the mechanical bull? Can adults try that too?? =)

I am currently re-doing my blog when I have the time. I got hacked. =(

Christy said...

Who hacks a blog?? What are they going to do, post their own family picture's? Hackers are lame!!!

Yes adults could ride the bull but it was mostly kids. It was pretty funny. Reagan would have preferred mutton bustin but they didn't have it this year.