Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter One-derland

 McKinley's first birthday party!
Winter One-derland theme.
Pinterest really helped me out on this.  I'm not joking.

 The colors for the party were aqua & red.
I really liked how it turned out.
I had a groupon for the cake, so no I didn't make it.
I  did put her tutu skirt under the cake stand and  think it looks really cute!
I totally thought of that last minute.

My very good friend Nicole did the melting snow man cookies.

It was a lot of fun decorating and the best part is that it can stay up all month!

She or I should say the kids opened her presents.
Her first and best friend Ella was there too!
We love you Ella!!

I just love this picture.

She isn't to sure what is going on .
Still not sure.
Lets just say she loves cake!

 It was a great party and thank you to our family & friends for coming and celebrating
McKinley with us.

I forgot to take a picture but everyone got to take home a Christmas ornament with an "M" on it.
I will see if I can find a picture, because they were cute!


Melissa said...

Wow Christy, you did a great job on her party! Everything was adorable and perfect! Good job!

Julie Donaldson said...

Nicely done. You are amazing, as usual.

Christy said...

Thanks guys, it was so much fun getting ready. I was smart this year and had someone else make the cake & cookies and I just did all the decorations.