Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rearranging furniture

McKinley's bed use to be where Reagan's bed is now. Reagan's bed use to be where McKinley's bed is now. I don't know why I didn't do this last year. There is so much more play space and both girls just love it.

The only problem now is that Lincoln wants his room all rearranged. He wants something new. Oh goodness, I love that boy :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A walk in the park.

Took the kids to the park after school on Thursday. It was McKinley's first time at the park to freely walk where ever she wanted to. She didn't even want to play at the playground, she just wanted to run. It was really cold, but fun to get out on a dry day in January. I just love this picture.

Monday, January 16, 2012

It snowed

It hardly ever snows here and if it does its only for a day or two. That's it for the whole winter season. So, when it does snow the kids will spend lots of time playing in it. This week we are suppose to get 2 to 3 inches, but the weatherman isn't always right.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh McKinley

McKinley fell asleep, then woke up and sat up and the fell back asleep sitting up. Oh how I love this little girl, who is no longer a baby.....but she will forever be our baby girl. The baby that we went after, saw fancy specialist for, lots of shots miscarried and did a clinical trial all to get to here. All the while we knew we were in the palm of God's hand. It was lonely at times and we wondered if this was God's plan. But every time we were given a solid answer from God to continue. I'm so incredibly glad we did.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Keeping it real

So.....a few weeks ago our deep freeze that is the on the creepy large size, like you can fit a couple dead bodies in there creepy. Yeah, so anyway it was free and is probably 30 years old. It stopped working. The breaker was tripped so I switched it back and threw away the spoiled food and we started over. Well apparently the breaker got tripped again. But we didn't find out right away and lost more food....sigh....

I voiced my disappointment on facebook and a friend who we had helped when their house burned down offered us the one they were trying to sell on craigslist for FREE! We were amazed, and are so grateful! Got the freezer, plugged it in and it started working right away...score!!
Well, the next day I go to put some food back in it and its not working....WHAT!!?? I'm beginning to think I'm on some candid camera show or in the twilight zone.

So, I go over to the breaker and its tripped again! Now we had just had our old dinosaur deep freeze hauled away not 2 hours earlier. I flip it back and not 10 seconds later the thing sparks and its tripped. There was NOTHING wrong with the old freezer, besides being not energy efficient and a space hog.

We are so grateful for generous friends and that we didn't have to buy a new or used freezer.
Tim just plugged it into a different wall outlet and its been working great ever since. Now we just need to call an electrician to come and fix the breaker. I might wait until I have a few more jobs, because they do charge by the hour and I might as well get our moneys worth.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Homemade Cheese its.

In one word, Amazing!!!
Here is the link.

I would have embedded it but I'm on my ipad because my laptop decided to kick the bucket.
I'm letting it rest overnight to see if that helps. It says that everything is gone....people thats not a good sign.

So go and make cheese its, because you will never want a store bought box again...not joking!!
Next time I won't use as much cayenne, a tad too spicy for my kids and I want to try a parmesan flavor too. Seriously people, go and make these!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Eve

Reagan spent NYE with her Great Grandma at the rehabilitation facility. They sang karaoke had ice cream, played bingo and pretended the ball dropped all before 3:30pm in the afternoon.

At home we watch movies, ate pizza, drank sparkling apple cider and was in bed by 10pm.

I'm sad to say but I don't have anymore Christmas picture's. I had my camera out the whole day and didn't pick it up once. I must do a better job this year. Welcome 2012, I hope to live each day as it comes and in the moment. Happy New Year!!!