Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reagan got her own TV.

Reagan's Papa Kim gave her this little portable television and it's also a radio. Its turned into quit the novelty item in our home. Its only black & white and has just two channels, well three if you count that it picks up the baby video monitor. The two channels it does get are nw32tv, a CW affiliate and the other channel is the church channel or that is what we call it. Reagan loves to adjust the antenna, and fiddle with the nobs. No remote, no color, no cartoons, no dvd or wii hook up, just a tiny tv with a few channels. Reagan watched an old western called Silverado for about 10 minutes, then a sermon on the church channel for a few minutes and then she was done. McKinley wanted her own turn and watched for as long it took to take the picture.

I shared with Reagan that the first TV I had in my home as a little girl was built by her Granddad. It had no remote and two dials to turn in order to change the channels. She now thinks her Granddad can build anything.....I love that!

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