Sunday, April 29, 2012

Principal for a day!

At our school's annual auction fundraiser my parents bought Reagan an experience. Principal for the day. Oh how she LOVED it!! She dressed up, and was ready by 8am. Mrs. Frost showed up at 8:20am and they were off to get some coffee at Starbucks because that is how every Principal starts their day. She handed out special goodies to all the students and gave extra recess. She told me she could do that everyday. This girl was born to be to help others and is a natural leader. Her little brother isn't so keen on her being a natural leader since he just sees it as her being bossy. She had a blast and is very thankful to her generous Grandparents.

Monday, April 23, 2012

last minute date with Lincoln

Reagan was out with my parents and Tim was home with a sleeping McKinley, so I asked Lincoln if he wanted to go out on a date with me? He said yes ;)

First stop was the donut shop, then our version on Central Park, its called Bush Park here. But we were disappointment, the city had to tear down the main wooden play structure and the see saw. So, we high tailed it out of there for the riverfront park and played in the last minutes of daylight. Then we went to DQ, had ice cream of course and told knock knock jokes that made absolutely no sense what so ever, but we laughed so hard till our bellies hurt.

I love our only boy, he is a loving tenderhearted warrior and am going to miss him so much next year!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Ditka, Ditka, Ditka. He partially tore his CCL, which is equivalent to a humans ACL. He needs surgery, boo. He doesn't yelp, he doesn't really act like he is even in pain (hence above picture).

Beiber baby hair

McKinley's hair reminds me of Justin Beiber's hair, especially when she was younger.
This is why she wears a pony on her head. If I clip it to the side she just rips it out. And I just can't cut her hair yet, not my last baby.'

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bible Study

This is what typically happens when I try to do my bible study when Kinley is awake. I got a comment on facebook from my friend in real life and blogger friend Jessica. She liked McK's hair, its really cute and really long in the front, but not long enough to clip to the side. She has my Mom's hair....poor baby ;) I keed Mom, I keed!!

Next post, what she looks like without a pony.

Friday, April 13, 2012

My lamb cake

I bought the lamb cake pans on whim at Safeway. It was just so cute in the box and I thought, I can make that. Plus we are phasing out bunnies at Easter and replacing them with lambs.
I think the lamb cake will be a tradition now. I wanted the taste of a regular cake but the firmness of a pound cake. So I made 2 box cakes and then combined them, but I folded them together, the taste was amazing. Isn't he adorable, I just love this little lamb. It would also be cute for a farm theme birthday or baby shower. Tim thinks I should put raspberry in next time for a more realistic effect.....I think not.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cream of asparagus soup

I made this soup from my own recipe except I didn't put it through the baby food grinder, can we say overkill? I did use my immersion blender and it turned out perfect. So so yummy!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

OMSI with friends

Today we went to OMSI with our friends. The girls are in the same class and so the boys, and they rode up with us and they chatted the whole time. Oh and poor McKinley got to stay home with her fabulous second cousin Amanda. Amanda is my go to girl and our #1 babysitter behind the grandparents....we LOVE HER!!! The kids had a great time, I got to have real conversation with their Mom Bree and it was just a great time.
I think McKinley was slightly upset that we left her behind, but I know she had a great time with Amanda. Today I also made a lamb cake, its really cute and was a total impulse buy. P.S. can you see my "Frier Tuck" cookie jar in the back group. I just love him, he was my grandma & granddad's until it was given to me a few years ago. He is just so cute :)
This is a very random post and I'm sorry about that. Oh and before I forget, the tv in our master bedroom hates us, I know I'm not suppose to use that word, but it does. We loose the picture to lines, lots of lines, we get sound but no picture, its like the picture is behind the blinking lines.
Ok, I'm done with my update.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Before we all got sick

A few days before we all got sick we went to the local children's museum. We had lots of laughs and I'm sure this is where the nasty bug came from. Its spring break so everyone was there. We can call this the staphacoxilo springovomit breakis 2012. We are finally on the mend and tomorrow they return to school and Daddy to work. Yeah!!!