Friday, April 6, 2012

OMSI with friends

Today we went to OMSI with our friends. The girls are in the same class and so the boys, and they rode up with us and they chatted the whole time. Oh and poor McKinley got to stay home with her fabulous second cousin Amanda. Amanda is my go to girl and our #1 babysitter behind the grandparents....we LOVE HER!!! The kids had a great time, I got to have real conversation with their Mom Bree and it was just a great time.
I think McKinley was slightly upset that we left her behind, but I know she had a great time with Amanda. Today I also made a lamb cake, its really cute and was a total impulse buy. P.S. can you see my "Frier Tuck" cookie jar in the back group. I just love him, he was my grandma & granddad's until it was given to me a few years ago. He is just so cute :)
This is a very random post and I'm sorry about that. Oh and before I forget, the tv in our master bedroom hates us, I know I'm not suppose to use that word, but it does. We loose the picture to lines, lots of lines, we get sound but no picture, its like the picture is behind the blinking lines.
Ok, I'm done with my update.

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