Saturday, May 26, 2012

The last 2 days

Reagan had an all school track meet. She got 2nd in hurdles, although I think she might have tied for first but we will found out next week. She also threw the discus 15 ft 2 inches & javelin 18 ft 3 inches. She also ran the 200 meter and got 4th. Lincoln and Seth had a fun day of playing tag and looking for snakes. Today we went for a walk over the foot bridge and this evening Reagan and I went out to dinner that was followed by watching her bestie Maddy perform in her ballet recital. So far we have had a great weekend.

Monday we decorate graves, Tim's Dad, Sister Tara, Grandpa Milo, Uncle John and Uncle Dave. I don't have any blood relatives buried here. My parents are over in Eastern Oregon decorating graves. So grateful for the all the service men and woman who scarified their life for this country and everyone who lives here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Mother's Day

It was a wonderful day, started early by going out to lunch, then church and it was full of family, bbq, apple pie and lots of love!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

adventure awaits

One of the Christmas presents we got for the whole family was a trip to the Wildlife Safari in Winston. I was able to get tickets on groupon for half price, we just had to visit the park before May 15th. The weather was amazing and was really really fun!! We saw so much more than just what's in these picture's. An ostrich attacked our van, we got it on video and was super funny. We also saw hippos, giraffes, bison, ducks, rhinos, zebras, turtles, exotic deer, lama's, black bears, cheetahs, emu, camels, monkeys, elephants, tigers, turkeys and grizzly bears. The grizzly bears were our favorite!! We have video of the bears play fighting just feet from our van. The hard part of the trip was the distance it took to get there. I highly encourage all my friends to go. We told the kids they could get out of their seats and we took McKinley out of her car seat and she just loved it!! On the second trip around the park we left McKinley in her seat and let the big kids in the front seat, they loved it and so did we! This was a first for us and we hope to return in a few years when McKinley is older.

Reagan did say that she prefers the regular zoo, she didn't like the ostrich attacking the van.