Monday, June 11, 2012

bbq corn

McKinley loves to eat, she isn't afraid to try new foods and has a healthy appetite. Last week Tim grilled some steaks and bbq'd some corn on the cob. Reagan also has a healthy appetite and loves corn on the cob, just not bbq'd. Thinking McKinley would prefer boiled corn on the cob I gave her some and then started eating my bbq'd corn on the cob with a homemade butter rub that has parmesan, basil, and onion powder. She was happily eating her corn until she saw my corn. It had some blacked parts and the butter rub which leaves little basil flakes all over the corn. She instantly started protesting and insisted that she try my corn, which turned into commandeering my yummy bbq'd corn on the cob. I snapped some quick picture's with my iPhone and I thought they turned out pretty cute.

Oh and she LOVED the steak too, cut up into very thin slices and dipped in ketchup. We just love this girl!