Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Keeping it real

My friend Jocelyn is keeping it real over at The Comptons. She writes beautifully and I love her honesty and vulnerability.

Last Thursday after Lincoln's Kindergarten graduation Tim took the kids home and put them to bed while I stayed behind and helped clean up. I drove Tim's car home from the school that night, came home, kissed the big kids and went to bed myself. I was looking forward to sleeping as long as McKinley would let me, because school was out for the Summer and we didn't have to go anywhere until late morning. At approximately 5:30AM Tim wakes me up asking me where his keys are. I sit up and can't recall where I put his keys, I asked him where he looked and he said, no where really, they aren't downstairs or in the bathroom. I start looking and then realize I left them in his car that is parked in the garage. He drives a Prius (named Sebastian) and the car knows when the keys are close and it can drain the battery. I apologize and wait with fingers crossed I didn't drain the battery. I watch him from the upstairs window and crawl back into bed. But I couldn't fall back to sleep and instead start to think, why did he wake me? He didn't even look in the car or around the house for that matter, everyone in this house always asks me first before looking on their own. Later in the day its still brewing or stewing, call it what you want, but I wasn't happy about it.

My Mom comes over to be with McKinley during her nap so I can take the big kids to the end of the year school party at an local aquatic center. We had a blast and on the way home I decided I was going to talk to Tim about how rude he was and all the things he could have done instead of wake me up. Then something happened between 4pm & 5pm, and the Holy Spirit was talking to me and showed me how ridiculous I was being. My husband gets up most days at 4:30am so he can swim before work and then drives 40 miles to his job and doesn't get home until 6pm. He does this for our family, so I can stay home raise our 3 adorable kids. He works so hard for our family and I'm so thankful that I didn't rag on him that night. Instead I told him what I was planning on doing and apologized. He thought I was silly but of course forgave me.

Why is it so important to be right, or to make my husband feel like I do more or work harder than him. I have told him that even though I know he works hard and his work is hard but sometimes I feel like he is on vacation, that going to work full time sounds better than staying home and raising these kids into humanized citizens. Its hard work and I'm glad that I don't have to do it alone. He puts the kids to bed every night, its his thing with the kids, he does the dishes most nights and is the main clothes folder in our home. He is amazing and we are amazing together because we have Jesus as our savior.

So this is me keeping it real.


At The Picket Fence said...

Love your honesty friend and we have all had those moments for sure! Robb just came home tonight after being on a work trip to Seattle and part of it included playing golf which made me feel the exact same way as you were feeling. So he took 2 hours to golf with all of his co-workers. So what? He works sooooo hard and then comes home, plays with the kids, asks me about my day and my dreams for my life and then helps get the kids to bed and then goes and studies until 11pm. Every night. Ugh. I'm so thankful that the Holy Spirit moved in my heart to not say anything about him playing golf and that the HS did the same for you about the keys!
Love ya,

Christy said...

The devil is such a liar and its so easy to fall for his antics.
Its so nice to hear that I'm not alone and that.
Just today Tim came home from work so I could rest because I got a shot in my shoulder for bursitis. He did everything and I was able to just sit and enjoy the kids without having to lift my left arm. He didn't once complain or ask me to help him, he even had all 3 kids in the tub and it sounded crazy up there too.
Again I'm so glad I listened and obeyed the Holy Spirit. Love you friend, Christy :)

Jocelyn said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Miss Christy! Love YOUR honesty. Isn't it so good to know that we aren't alone? And God gets the glory for the good He works out in our sinful selves :) Hugs to you!