Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week in review

Starting in the left column from top down, I took picture's of the kids sleeping. We cleaned up the office and set up an extra twin we had, the kids take turns sleeping in there just for some Summer fun. Below that is McKinley climbing out of her crib, we took the bumpers out and it hasn't happened since....thank goodness!!

Middle column, McKinley favorite place to be is close to the food. Below her is Lincoln graduating from Kindergarten, I just can't believe that in a few short months it will just be McKinley and I during the day....what are we going to do with ourselves??

Top right, since school is out, Mama's Summer School is now in session. In the morning Lincoln must right his name nicely and complete 1 worksheet. Reagan must write in her journal and also complete 1 worksheet. In the afternoon when McKinley is sleeping they both must read and complete 1 more worksheet, either math or language. Next we have Lincoln in the tub with one of Daddy's old G.I. Joe toys. Nana Sue found a bunch of old Lego's, G.I. Joes and Transformers that use to be Tim's. They are dusty,dirty and some are broken, but this boy doesn't care....he loves them all! Why do I even buy new toys? Lastly we have McKinley and Tim and McKinley is eating steak, she loved it!! The other kids won't touch it, but not McKinley, she ate more steak than me! Please refer back to the picture of McKinley in her favorite place....enough said.

So that is it, our week in review. School is out and our Summer adventure begins :)

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Dassow Mommy said...

Fun! We saw you at the library last week and called after you, but you didn't hear us. Hope to see you again soon.