Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last 2 weeks in review

This will be quick.
T-ball ended for Lincoln and he had a fabulous time.

I moved our bed to vacuum behind it (it had been 2 years easy) don't judge me! I also rotated the mattress and the kids found a new slide, they sure had fun!

Tim put together Lincoln's bunk bed that use to be Tim's when he was little.

Reagan flew to San Jose, CA with my Dad just for the day. My dad had his Esteem hearing aid turned on and he invited Reagan to join him. She had a great time, such a little jet setter ;)

Reagan also wanted to buy fireworks so she sold snacks for .74 cents and made $8 dollars!

Lincoln almost always brings me flowers were ever we go and his last bunch was actually a bush, they stink and are not very pretty but he LOVES to make me smile, so they are still on my counter a week later.

We picked strawberries, that is where he found the flowers.

McKinley had her picture take by the fabulous Valerie Hibler.

Tomorrow we celebrate the 4th of July!! We will be at my parents house, eating fried chicken, potato salad and I'm making homemade strawberry shortcake and of course setting off lots of fireworks!!

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