Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3 weeks of fun!

If you can make sense of all these picture's then you have an idea of what we have been up to.
I was able to go on a family genealogy trip with my Mom and almost 90 year old grandma. We found out way more than we ever thought we would find, and it was really a trip of a lifetime. Did I mention that the kids stayed home with Tim's cousin who is also a nanny. That was the longest time I have ever spent away from the kids and I missed them like crazy.

I was home for 1 day and then we went camping with our church community group. We were able to borrow my best friends RV and I'm not sure I will ever go back to a tent ;)

Then Reagan turned 9!!!!! Did you get that, our baby turned 9! And the last picture is me and Mia. Mia is moving away and we had her over for a play date. We are really going to miss her family!!

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At The Picket Fence said...

You've definitely had some good times! I felt so bad that I forgot to wish Reagan a Happy Bday when we saw you guys at church. Please tell her for us! :-)