Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Backyard movies

We invited the neighbor kids and Adurey & Arwyn to watch Tangled in our backyard. The kids turned a washing machine box that we scored from the neighbors into a ticket office. We got some raffle tickets for $1 at the dollar store and made loads of popcorn. It was so much fun!!

We really want to do this again, there is just something about watching movies outside with the kids, just pure fun!!


Dassow Mommy said...

Great idea! Where did you get the screen and projector?

Christy said...

Bethany, my parents have owned the screen since the early 1980's and the projectore he bought for $50 when a buisness was upgrading their projector. We had the dvd player. It was super fun and we want to do it one more time before school starts :)