Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A wedding to remember

Tim's cousin Lauren, married a fabulous guy named Doug. In fact I think Lincoln likes Doug more than Lauren, but we won't tell her that. They got married at a small Lutheran Church and then had an amazing reception at the Hempstead Castle at Sands Point Preserve on Long Island, NY. We danced the night away, had fun in a photo booth and the kids had their own table that included disposable cameras, origami napkins, i spy games, and a melissa & doug wooden bride and groom play set. We had so much fun!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm in NYC

We are on a family vacation for a family wedding in NY. We spent 30 hours in the city. We took the long island railway into Penn Station and took the subway to our hotel. Then went to Times Square, Carmine's, Canal St, World Trade Center Memorial, Toys R us in Times Square and John's Pizzeria for dinner. The next day I sprained my l ankle and I hobbled over to Central Park so the kids could play and run around. We then took two taxi's back to Penn Station and took the train back to Seaford/Massapequa.

The wedding is tomorrow and it's going to be just amazing!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School preview

Here are just iPhone picture's from the first day. They had a great time and Lincoln so far loves it! Reagan is learning cursive and loves every minute of it, her current favorite word to write in cursive is Al, her Granddad's name ;)

McKinley on the other hand didn't handle it too well. She refused to nap, got out of her crib and made a big 'ol mess....naughty little girl. Today was much better and she napped.

Hopefully I will have better picture's up soon.

The week before school started

These pictures are all out of order. I will try to fill you in on how things went down.

1. Ditka at the bottom has pneumonia and in the picture me and Ditka are sitting in the half bath. Ditka is getting a humidifier treatment and it really helps. He is also on antibiotics and a cough suppressant. He has improved, but its slow.

2. Reagan in the funny glasses also at the bottom, she scratched her cornea and it was McKinley's fault. It was a large tear and I could clearly see it, so we headed to the eye doctor and she was better by the next day.

3. All the fair picture's happened over two days. We had a blast and we always love, love, love the state fair.

4. Last but not least, we got a free piano. Its over 100 years old and Reagan is in love with it. It gets tuned next week and we find out if it has any major problems. Really praying it doesn't!!

Tomorrow I will post back to school picture's.