Monday, November 26, 2012

Lost NYC pictures

On the train going into New York City
Waiting for the subway

World Trade Center Memorial

It was very peaceful and quite, even though there were so many people there.
The only surviving tree from 9/11 attacks 
I picked up this acorn and planted it at home and now we have WTC trees growing.
Central Park

Play Ground in Central Park

Tim keeping us on track and doing most of the work since I sprained my ankle.

Cousin Hilary with our girls for a fun dinner of sandwiches on the beach.

My Love
The newlyweds

Reception at Sand Point Preserve

Amanda, she was amazing and I wish I could adopt her!!  We love her so much!!

 New York was a magical trip and we dream about going again.  We love our family out there and life is so easy when we are together.

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