Monday, January 21, 2013


Tim's brother got married at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, CA. My parents happily took the kids, Ditka and Reagan's sick hamster Cupcake and we caught a flight south. Can I just say the weather has been cold, gray and blah. When we landed it was sunny and warm and it felt good all the way to my soul.

I have back up to us boarding our tiny was the U of O Duck plane! Tim declared he would need a barf bag, haha he is such a funny guy. But little did we know how his words would be prophetic in less than 24hrs.

We landed to 60 degree weather and sun!!! I decided I was going to dress up and wear my sexy boots. We were headed to the Ritz Carlton and I wanted to look like I was headed to the Ritz. I left my sneakers, sweat pants, and t-shirts all at home.

Our room was an ocean view with a king size bed. They also have a driver who will drop you off in town and pick you up free of charge, the vehicles are two large SUV's. Let's just say that I utilized this luxury at every opportunity I could, and I could totally get use to having a personal driver.

After eating the best Italian food at Pasta Moon Ristorante in old downtown Half Moon Bay, we did a little shopping.

The best meal we have ever eaten!!  Clam Chowder & Lasagna at Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay, CA

The first night we ate a late dinner with everyone at the Ritz.  We had such a great time, talking, eating and telling stories.  Around 9:30 we called it a night and everyone went to bed.  Around 11pm, Tim started to feel sick.  He was sick all night out both ends, it was horrible.  Early the next morning I called Tim's step dad and he took us to the ER.  It was the tiniest hospital slash nursing home I have ever seen.  One doctor and one nurse, and lots equipment.  After 4 hours, 3 liters of IV and lots of meds we were back at the Ritz.  Tim barely made it to the ceremony, which was so sweet and just perfect for them.  I'm not going to post pictures because I didn't ask and I want to protect their privacy.  I took Tim back to our room and went back for dinner with everyone else.  It was a very special time and I'm so glad that we could be there to celebrate them.....even if Tim didn't look like it.

 On our flight home we got upgraded to first class, boy what a treat and Tim sure did deserve that.
Other than Tim getting sick, we had a really nice time and were completely spoiled by the staff at the Ritz and Tim's brother and new wife........boy do we miss them!


Friday, January 4, 2013

I get a re-do

The picture below was my view for the first 3 days of 2013. It all started on Friday Dec 28th, I got body aches and thought, oh no I must be getting the flu. Then on Saturday I was sweating on and off and Tim was also sick. So we sent the kids to his Mom's house for the night so we could sleep and recover. Also on Saturday I got a really weird symptom, my whole body started shaking and I couldn't stop, it did eventually. On Sunday my side kinda started to hurt, I thought maybe it was my ovary. By Sunday night the pain was horrible and all my symptoms were worse. We went to the local big city ER and it was crazy busy, so we high tailed it out of there to very close small town ER. Turns out I have a kidney infection a nasty one. They gave me some oral meds and sent me home. As soon as I got home I lost everything again and again and again. In the morning we went back to the ER and they gave me IV antibiotics this times and sent me on my way. Came home and slept most of the day, still sweating like crazy because I had a fever of 101.4 and my heart rate was 145 resting. Just after the new year rang in I puked again and again and again. By morning my fever 102.6 and I was worse. Back to the ER where I was directly admitted to the hospital for a severe kidney infection. I want to stop and say that I never had any of the classic symptoms. I spent the next 2 nights at the hospital with the best nurses and doctors getting IV antibiotics and having every bodily fluid measured. I was only going to spend 1 night but they found new blood in my urine and I earned myself a second night. I am home now, resting and recovering but mostly resting. Saturday night we are going to do a "do over" New Years Eve party by letting a paper lantern go around 8pm and root beer floats.
I want to say that I had a lot of friends & family praying for me, thank you all so so much!!
Happy New Year :)