Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm in pain

I'm in physical pain. Last May my left shoulder started bothering me. Waking me in my sleep and nothing I would do helped. So a month after the pain started I went to the dr and got a cortisone shot because as it turns out, I had bursitis. He told me to take it easy. But I felt better and went back to my normal life. Well it started to hurt again and I got another shot right before we left for NYC. Well you might all remember that I fell and sprained my ankle. My focus was on my painful ankle, not that I caught myself with my left shoulder. So after the cortisone wore off, I was surprised I was still in pain because I forgot about catching myself when I sprained my ankle. The dr ordered an ultrasound and physical therapy. The ultrasound showed I had bursitis and no rotator cuff tear.
At this point we moved McKinley to a toddler bed and Tim and I switch sides of the bed (that's kind of a big deal and just one of the many ways Tim shows his love for me). Hoping that it would help my shoulder.
After 6 weeks of PT I was actually worse off than when I started. So I was sent back to my dr and he ordered an arthrogram MRI. I had the MRI last Thursday. I was surprised to hear from the dr the same day since it was his day off. Turns out I have multiple tears in my rotator cuff and he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. I see him this Wednesday to go over the MRI results and I guess talk about my options which will probably include surgery.
I am now in more pain from the arthrogram and hope to get relief soon. Tim is taking great care of me and has been doing all my normal chores on top of his normal chores. I love that man so much!!

I'm also neck deep in the school yearbook as its due next week. So please be patient with my lack of content in my recent posts. I hope to change that in the near future.

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