Saturday, March 2, 2013

Surgery scheduled

I saw the surgeon and he said that the tear was not a full tear.  That's good.  But since I have already done almost a year of conservative treatment with no improvement he recommends surgery.  So.....we scheduled surgery for March 28th which is during spring break.  But I'm praying that there is a cancellation and it will be Monday March 25th.  I need everyday I can to rest before the kids go back to school. 

Recovery from this surgery is long.  6 to 8 weeks of absolutely no lifting of that arm.  After that its more PT for probably another 6 weeks.  My arm will be in a sling brace thing that keeps the tendon in a relaxed position and it attaches around my chest.  I go for a pre-op next week and I have a list of questions for him. 
Here are a few:
  • Can I use the hand at all, like to button my pants?
  • What about washing my hair after a few days?
  • You said no lifting anything, does that mean I can't use it to put my hair up?
  • Can I use that hand to complete tasks like hold a shoe lace to tie shoes?
  • Can I hold anything in that hand?
I'm trying to prepare the kids especially the big kids.  They will need to help me a lot more in the morning before school.  I have a feeling when Tim gets home in the evening we will be doing a lot of prep work for our mornings.  The hard part will be opening water bottles, jars, and containers with the kids help.

I could wait until after school is out, but I don't want to miss the summer with the kids.  After taking the kids to school I can always go to my parents house and relax or drop McKinley off for a few hours.

I have an excellent surgeon and I'm ready to be pain free.  I'm in constant pain and I'm pretty good about hiding it until I try to go beyond what my shoulder can do.  Not being able to lift McKinley over my head or anything that is slightly heavy is very discouraging.  I'm looking forward to regaining strength in my hand, arm and shoulder because I have lost a lot of strength and flexibility trying to protect it.

I will keep you posted.  Could you also pray that I get the March 25th surgery day?

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