Monday, April 22, 2013

A little slice of Heaven

Reagan and I were invited on a little trip 
with her best friend and her mom
to another part of our state.

We had the best time.  
The home is just the right size and
with no tv or was perfect and so quiet!!

They did lots of roller skating.

On our way back from the river.

I love this picture of Maddy helping Reagan the last few feet home.

  After breakfast they went outside in the 28 degree cold but sunny morning.  
 So, now their younger brothers who are also 
best buddies want a weekend away.
I think we might just have to make that happen :)

Maddy's Mom and I also get along fabulously 
and it was just what our mommy hearts needed.
We also had a wonderful idea to do this again 
with just mom's for a little R & R :)

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