Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 20

This is how I get my tank tops on and put  deodorant on.  It takes time for me to do just about everything.  
In picture's 1 & 3 I'm mostly resting my shoulder.  I'm laying my arm on the counter in our master bathroom.
Picture 5 I'm putting deodorant on.
In picture 6 I'm leaning forward so I can slip my brace on.  This takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.  

Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 19

My friend Annie asked me the other day how my shoulder was.  I thought I would share our conversation with you all instead of rewriting it all out.  Last names have been removed to protect our ID's.

How's the shoulder?
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  • Christy You need to go and get yours checked out!!
  • Annie Yes... but how is the shoulder? lol
  • Christy Which version do want? The one where I tell you that you have nothing to worry about? Or the nitty gritty like I didn't shower for the first 4 days and had bizarre dreams?
  • Annie I want all the details.
  • Christy My favorite so far has been that I couldn't shower by myself at all. I needed help in and out and help washing my hair and shaving. Tim was so gentle and worried that he was going to hurt me. There wasn't any hanky panky it wasn't anything like that. It has been one of the most tender and caring things he has ever done for me.
  • Christy So in the beginning the nerve block pretty much takes care of your pain. Like the first 12 to 18 hours. By the 24 hour mark after surgery I was taking 2 oxy every 3 hours & 30 mins to 3 hours & 45 mins, that's important so you stay on top of the pain.
  • Christy I kept that pain med schedule 24 hrs a day and downloaded an app so that it would remind me. I kept up that schedule for about 5 to 6 days after surgery. I try to just take 1 oxy every 4 hours with 2 Advil in the day and 2 oxy with Advil at bedtime and try to sleep through night.
  • Christy Before surgery I bought two bras at Nordstrom called Shimera python day bra. Super stretchy day bra that provides light support and is designed without padding or underwire to further enhance the soft fit. I was able to sleep in the same one for 4 days. The key to changing your bra and or shirts or my preference tank tops is that they must be stretchy. Changing my tank top the first week was a two person job that went really slow and done about 45 after I took my pain meds.
  • Christy Are you following?
  • Annie Yes... and it's scaring me. lol
  • Christy I forgot the thing that has made my recovery the easiest at my house. A recliner! We were thankfully gifted one from an amazing couple in our bible study,J Scott & his beautiful wife Heidi. You must have a recliner!!
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  • Christy For some reason laying down hurts like someone is stabbing your newly repaired shoulder.
  • Annie No stabbing. I think the hurting shoulder may be better than this surgery.
  • Christy Oh and I had crazy dreams. I woke several times from a dream where someone was pushing their index finger very hard into my hurt arm and woke up with pain in that same spot......weird!!
  • Christy But I forgot a new trick, I can tell when the weather is going to change. Last night I woke up in serious pain and my friend Theresa Burrell pointed out that it is common in people who have surgery involving the bone and if it has pins, screws or in my case anchors.
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  • Christy Do you know what the dr told me what would happen if I didn't have surgery. The tendon would detach completely, loose blood supply and die. I know this to be true because it happened to a husband in our bible study. In order to fix his shoulder he has to take donor tendon from his leg. And then do the surgery to fix his shoulder with the new donor tendon from his leg.
  • Christy Tim was able to take 2 weeks off with FMLA and then intermittently until I'm healed.
  • Christy Oh I also get a handicap decal for 2 months....score!!!! The dr said that he thinks any mother with more than 2 kids should all get handicap
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  • Christy Another bummer is no driving until I'm off the oxy so Tim goes back to work this week and he will drop us off at my parents to help me with McKinley and changing her poopy diapers. He will then pick us up on his way home. I could stay home but Reagan won't or can't change Mckinley's poopy diaper. But you won't have to worry about any of that!!!
  • Christy It will be worth it in the long run, before surgery I couldn't lift McKinley over my head or put away dishes that where very high and it's not because I'm short
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  • Christy I'm in a brace for 6 weeks, and hopefully back to my normal life with no restrictions in 12 weeks.
  • Christy I went to a wedding reception last night. But there is a lot I can't do. I can't lift my arm across my chest to shave the right armpit....physically can't do it. But I can straighten my arm down to my side and curl my bicep to hearts content.
  • Christy Do you want me to tell you what the surgeon did and how he fixed things inside my arm? It's really cool!! And aren't you lucky like us too? Like me spraining my ankle the night before surgery and the genius dr's put me in a fiberglass half cast. I'm sure God allowed that to happen to make sure I really rested.
  • Annie I think if you told me what all the surgeon did, the surgery would be a definite no for me. lol
  • Christy At my post opt apt, the dr started laughing in disbelief because he had NEVER seen that before and took his iPhone out to take a video because the other surgeons would never believe him. "Lowry Luck"
  • Christy Ok, I'll just tell you the last unbelievable part.
  • Christy I had a very fine suture coming out of my main arthroscopic wound. In fact I thought it was a really long hair at first. Tim wanted to cut it but I said no, I want to show the dr. I tugged on it and it didn't hurt but it went. all. the. way. to. the. bone. Creepy!!
  • Annie That. is. gross.
  • Christy When we showed the dr, he said he remembers having trouble cutting the suture or "fiber wire". Super strong sutures. But he thought they had gotten it.
  • Christy I asked him if I could keep my party conversation starter, sadly he said no.
  • Christy He then took video then he cut it at skin level. It didn't hurt at all. Just creepy.

    Tim is back at work and we stay at my parents during the day and Tim picks us up after work.  I miss my independence, putting my hair in a ponytail, I miss sleeping in my own bed, I miss buttoning my pants, shaving my arm pit, and driving.  I miss a lot of things  and feel like I'm missing out on a lot of things, it still hurts, and I wish I could do more.
    Today I bought a bubble machine and two battery powered squirk guns, they made me smile.  Watching the kids run around chasing eachother, catching bubbles, poppling bubbles, and squirting eachother and the endless sound of giggles....totally worth it!!